Work Better: Innovation in a Competitive and Agile Market

By Amanda Fanoun
24.08.17 ·

Insightive TV, an independent business research organization, sat down to speak with Work Better’s Harsh Mehta on the importance of delivering on promises in today’s competitive Coworking industry.

Harsh is considered a pioneer in the workspace industry since the 2003 launch of his original workspace initiative, Office Links. Since day one, providing a higher end alternative to purely community focused Coworking spaces, and focusing on high-value services and provisioning superior technology has been at the crux of his success.

Competing in an Agile Market

This case study describes the journey of visionary workspace operator and their ability to recognize the right moment to pivot services and management to keep pace with the market. In today’s market, there are more and more Coworking and shared workspaces that meet the demand for agility and flexible contracts in this sector. The surge in flexible contracts and shifting dynamic of traditional office real estate, has driven Work Better to take things to the next level. What they sought was a universal improvement to their outdated platform and core services that fell short of their own reputation.

“The migration to essensys allowed us to grossly simplify the day-to-day management of our technology systems and our business,” Harsh explains. “We undertook this change in order to allow our teams to focus significantly more time on servicing our client’s needs and avoid troubleshooting issues and dealing with vendors for a myriad of different technology platforms.”

Playing the Game

The workspace business has been around for decades but has only peeked in the last few years. Harsh Mehta describes himself as being “quite bullish” about the industry. With a keen eye for navigating macrotrends in the marketplace and the ability to execute a long-term vision for Work Better, he’s enabled the organization to overcome the volatility in supply and demand of flexible workspace. “The ability of a company to effectively compete in this industry is going to become less about their ability to market and brand themselves, and more about how well as a business are able to execute on their bundle of promises.”

For more on how Work Better has transformed their platform offering of core services and to read the full case study with Harsh Mehta click here.