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Webinar Series Recap: How to Improve Workspace Efficiency

Webinar Series Recap: Improving Workspace Efficiency

The flexible workspace industry has become very diversified and competitive. Providers include not only traditional business and coworking centres but now traditional real estate developers and landlords are also entering the space. So how can independent flexible workspace operators compete effectively but also efficiently?

We hosted a webinar series on this exact topic. Efficiency is a top priority for flexible workspaces and can make all the difference when it comes to both attracting and retaining members. But it’s quite common for operators to not have the right technology to be able to do this. That’s why we shared tips in our webinar series on how to improve workspace efficiency using technology and the positive impact it has on member experience. We teamed up with a few of our industry friends and partners to share their expertise.

I bet you’re kicking yourself now if you missed these webinars right? But lucky for you we have recordings of all three webinars so you can watch them at your leisure. We’ve also summarised key learnings and top tips from each of them below.

Part 1 – Virtual Offices & Services

To kick off the series, we teamed up with Davinci Virtual, the leading provider of business addresses, live answering services and meeting spaces for the coworking industry.

Operators normally notice that they only see their meeting rooms being occupied 50% of the time which is a huge revenue opportunity missed – it’s literally a waste of space. Operators can take advantage of this opportunity to ensure rooms are fully booked.

With Davinci, meeting room reservation requests can be approved instantly based on the centre’s specific availability. Staff don’t need to be tied down to phone and email, approving reservations, answering client questions, because Davinci covers it all. The process is slick and seamless. Instead staff can focus on what they do best – serving your clients and improving member experience.

According to Coco Quillen, Chief Operating Officer at Davinci, the most profitable workspace providers monetise virtual offices and meeting spaces and they generate nearly 20% of their total revenue from these sources. Don’t just take our word for it.

“Our calendar integration between Operate and Davinci Meeting Rooms makes the booking process so smooth for our team members. Meeting room users on the Davinci site can find us easily and get their meeting booked immediately, which ultimately results in more revenue for our locations!” – Carr Workplaces

The webinar focused on the benefits of virtual offices in the flexible workspace industry and the associated services that can improve efficiency. Virtual offices provide mobile employees, remote workers, freelancers, independent professionals and small to mid-size companies with a professional business address without the overhead of permanent office space. A virtual office also allows for mail receipt and mail forwarding, access to temporary office space and conference rooms, phone answering, business amenities and more.

Essentially, virtual offices provide the best elements of a physical office space without the overheads while offering more flexibility.

Coco posed an interesting question during the session.

Did you know 40% of callers hang up after 60 seconds and 34% never call back again.

Centres are missing out on potential phone calls for their clients. Operators can manage communications efficiently by outsourcing live answering services. This overcomes the challenges of staffing issues, inadequate technology, volume of calls, and unpredictability of forecasting staff requirements. Overall, it’s a big distraction from more important tasks.

Part 2 – Say Goodbye to Cables with Cloud-based Printing

Next up was all about printing in the flexible workspace industry and the impact it has on workspace efficiency. According to the coworking data experts at Deskmag, printing is more important than coffee for coworking space users. At 80%, printing is even more important than a meeting room, a cafe or a kitchen. Members want to print easily and this statistic highlights that if you don’t get it right, it can have a big impact on your member’s experience which we know is top priority for flexible workspace operators like you. This is where we came in to provide helpful tips and what to look out for.

Who better to partner with on this webinar than ezeep – the world’s market-leading print management software for coworking spaces, business centers and virtual offices. Talking on behalf of ezeep, was Bob Krumwiede in charge of International Accounts.

Bob highlighted the challenges that operators face when it comes to printing in flexible workspaces. Firstly, extensive staff resource is required. This includes the time involved with getting users set up on various devices. Also, a lot of the time staff do not have the relevant technical expertise or skills, resulting in the need to outsource IT requirements. It’s no shock that this can rack up costs. Not only is it time consuming for operators but it can also be highly frustrating for members which has a negative impact on member experience.

Operators crave an automated solution that takes away the operational headache. Adopting a cloud-based printing solution such as ezeep drastically improves efficiency. How?

  • Quick installation
  • Minimal support required
  • Save time, money and frustration

Most importantly, members and employees are happy due to the seamless, efficient and reliable printing process.

Part 3 – Automating the Visitor Management Process

To wrap up the webinar series the emphasis was on automating the visitor management process and the impact it has on workspace efficiency. Visitor management is one of the most important elements of coworking software as it is the first impression your workspace will make. Digital receptionists can simplify the sign-in process for busy flexible workspaces, freeing up valuable time for staff so they can focus on community and the visitors experience.

Sharing his expertise, Dave Milliken, Founder and CEO from Greetly helped us out with this webinar.

Dave highlighted that building a strong sense of community in your flexible workspace differentiates you and keeps your space busy and profitable. The community manager is normally responsible for this, but they face tons of distractions – managing tours, ensuring technology is working, taking care of billing and organising events which is a whole job in itself. This takes away time from focusing on community and building a space that members love. That’s where Greetly comes in, technology that makes a flexible workspace easier to manage by taking care of things such as visitor management. With a visitor management system, you can create an efficient process that won’t go unnoticed.

By having an automated visitor management system, you can free staff from manual tasks and allow them to focus on more valuable projects that involve member engagement and business growth. Admin is the bane of many flexible workspace receptionists and community managers work life as it can be time-consuming and take priority over other, more important day-to-day tasks. Streamlining visitor registration can reduce admin and tick one more manual job off the list, ultimately increasing staff productivity and morale. This positively impacts workspace efficiency and meanwhile, important guests are never left waiting.

In Summary…

What should you take away from this webinar series recap? Flexible workspace operators aren’t superheroes. And they shouldn’t have to take care of everything involved with managing a workspace. Introducing innovative, leading-edge technology can do wonders for improving workspace efficiency.

What resonated across all three webinars is that using technology saves staff time and takes away the manual effort from daily tasks, allowing them to focus on community. Automating processes with technology not only improves workspace efficiency but in turn positively impacts member experience. That’s what this all comes down to isn’t it? Attracting new tenants and retaining existing clients by making things frictionless.

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