Shared Workspace Wi-Fi: Turning Usage Data into Business Insight

By Amanda Fanoun
10.10.17 ·

Wi-Fi services have become a standard necessity. They are a critical, core part of any shared workspace experience. Terms such as ultra-fast and lighting-speed are often over-used on websites and marketing collateral (and then under-delivered!). But the reality is that your members and guests will put your workspace Wi-Fi to the test the moment they step in the door of your shared workspace – whether Coworking, business center or accelerator. In fact, they won’t be able to function without it.

With new technologies, the data you can capture from the Wi-Fi network can give you invaluable information about member activity that helps guide decision making. Workspace Wi-Fi is more than just a service for members to use, but also a useful tool for operators that provides usage patterns and dynamics that translate into valuable business intelligence. Operators are learning that Wi-Fi is more than a complicated technology that needs to be installed, managed and troubleshot. It’s an insightful tool that provides analytics that can help Operators make critical business decisions, run a more efficient operation, and generate more revenue.

Optimize Capacity and Resources

Wi-Fi analytics such as bandwidth consumption and time-based utilization show the extent to which members are surfing the internet at your shared workspace. Having insight into the busiest times of day, week or even month, or the not so busy times, helps operators plan staffing and layout needs. Being resourceful with your space and team members can reduce unnecessary costs to your bottom line.

Workspace Wi-Fi Analytics for Marketing

Drive demand for unused space while improving the timeliness of your marketing campaigns. Workspace Wi-Fi reporting gives you a glimpse of daily and monthly usage to understand member activity and utilization in your space so you can then promote offices, hot desks, or even time-based membership plans with special rates or offers.

Planning for Growth

Leverage analytics from your Wi-Fi network to strategize business plans and ensure you’re on target for growth. Meticulously tracking new tenants and members logging onto your network provides an estimate of how fast you’re adding new customers and when to start thinking about expanding your space and brand.

Upsell Services

Wi-Fi stats can also tell you when bandwidth consumption by a member or tenant company increases, giving you the opportunity to upsell larger bandwidth package.

As bandwidth consumption and internet usage trends continue to increase, it’s a clear indication to proactively offer add-on Internet or Wi-Fi services or even additional space services to match a growing member base.

Prevent Churn

Having visibility into Wi-Fi usage by your existing members enables you to identify possible member churn. When you notice members stop connecting to your Wi-Fi network, you need to step up engagement and inquire about their plans to stay in your space. Being proactive will give you an edge to prevent losing them as a member. A total stop or gradual decrease in new members joining your network is an indication that you need to step up your marketing and start attracting new customers.

Guest Marketing

With more than 16 years of experience in the flexible workspace industry and a breadth of knowledge in Internet and Wi-Fi networking, we strongly recommend the use of a separate fast and reliable network for Guests who visit your workspace. Otherwise, cramming guests onto an already saturated Wi-Fi network for your resident members will cause slow transfer speeds and unhappy users. Although we urge flexible workspace operators to install cabled connectivity to avoid these recurring wireless issues, a Guest Wi-Fi network tends to be commonplace.

The login splash page guests must complete to access shared workspace Wi-Fi services provides you with a clear view of who is logging onto your network, how many times and for how long. Now you can, with their permission, of course, capture guests’ contact information to directly market events, memberships or time-based plans to them. Monitoring Guest Wi-Fi network stats is also a foolproof way to track resident members using the guest network, and offering them a more robust, suitable Internet package to get the most out of the services you offer.

Wi-Fi Stats for Business Needs

Wi-Fi is one of the essential services you deliver to your workspace clients. In addition to optimizing speeds and ensuring secure and reliable access to the network, take advantage of the stats you gather from Wi-Fi usage to guide your business. Prevent churn, run targeted email campaigns and promote space and services for new and upsell opportunities. Maximize occupancy rates and get the most out of your workspace tools just by keeping track of who, how often and how much Wi-Fi is utilized.


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