Security: Everything Coworking Operators Need to Know

By Amanda Fanoun
25.09.19 ·

We all know that coworking no longer refers to an open plan workspace. In the same way that an open plan is no longer the obvious layout, the days of open Wi-Fi networks and one size fits all bandwidth are no longer the smart choice. As the market grows and coworking becomes the new office norm, tenant expectations around the accessibility and security of services are becoming more demanding.

Corporate uptake of flex-space has resulted in stricter technical, security, and service-level requirements and demands from these occupiers. Lack of enterprise-grade technology with proven network security and compliance specifications is a deal-breaker for corporate occupiers. But ensuring the right measures are in place isn’t just about acquiring corporate customers, but also about preserving brand reputation.

With companies today relying on SaaS software and storing more and more business critical and sensitive data in the cloud, security is even more critical. Leading flex-space providers are securing digital assets and making connectivity a top business priority. We’re sharing everything you need to know about securing your coworking business and offering peace of mind to your tenants. From Wi-Fi and networks to private clouds to dedicated circuits – get up to speed on security with the following assets and events.

Top Technical Considerations for Flex-Space

Safeguard your flex-space operation with these top technical considerations. Bryn Sadler, CTO and industry veteran at essensys, and David Kinnaird, COO and technical expert at essensys, weigh in on the security measures that should be in place at your workspace. Have a read here.

Deep Dive in Cyber and Physical Security

Jamie Russo, the Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association and the host of the Everything Coworking podcast, spoke with James Shannon (Our CPO) about network infrastructure security. James offers up tactical advice on cyber and physical security measures that flex-space operators need to take to attract corporate customers. He answers the tough questions around how your network can support varying compliance requirements of different tenant types. Check out the podcast here.

Security is a Big Deal – Don’t Risk It

Physical and cyber security are important topics that are seldom addressed in our market. But they should be. Join our upcoming webinar on Tech Security and Member Experience on October 8th with industry experts Rob Trainor, IT Director at Carr Workplaces, Ari Kepnes, CEO of Density, Liz Elam, boss lady at GCUC, and essensys CPO James Shannon.

Your Security Checklist

Yep – we’re making it easy for you. Simplify security at your coworking space and make sure your network is up to scratch with this checklist.

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