Progressive space providers look back on 2019

By Amanda Fanoun
16.01.20 ·

The flex-space market grew by 9.2% globally in 2019. It was a year of spotlight attention on the coworking end of the flex market, and again one where we welcomed several new space providers to the scene. As sector specialists, we’re happy to share insights and advice for flex space providers on our blog. We know you’re busy running your workspace, so we’ve selected some of the most popular articles of 2019. Here’s what your market peers were reading about this past year.

Flexible technology for CRE

Space providers competing in the market need to understand how to activate space. Technology is both an enabler of operational efficiency as it is a determining factor for growth acceleration. Today’s mature market players understand that getting your technology proposition right from day one is critical.

Read here how ambitious space providers are flexing up with infrastructure that enables agility and flexibility, unlocks business insights, keeps members connected, and helps brand differentiation.

Tech security in flexible workspaces

Speaking of technology, security took a top spot in the list of operational priorities. In 2019, flex space providers took a renewed interest in the importance of enterprise-grade security and private cloud technology. Most businesses now use SaaS software and store sensitive data in the cloud. As space providers, ensuring the security of digital assets and connectivity is a deal clincher for occupiers of all sizes.

Here’s what you need to know about security for flexible workspaces.

Flex-space goes mobile

We rely on our mobile devices for just about every aspect of our lives. With apps simplifying everything we do, from ordering food to moving around our cities, it’s time to go mobile in the workspace. Space providers are leading the way with mobile technology to make it easier for their occupiers and members to stay connected and consume space and services.

See here how operators are giving tenants more control and improving the workspace experience with mobile technology.

How to master member experience

In the office market, flex-space has become the demand default. Occupiers look for agility and flexibility, but they choose to stay because of the experiences within the workspace. Humanize the office environment by focusing on services, hospitality and keeping your members connected and involved in the larger community.

Read how space providers are improving member experience with technology.

Standing out from the competition

Flexibility and agility are key benefits for tenants and members using flex-space. But with plenty of choice in the market, they aren’t enough. Winning over your target audience with a differentiated service offering is increasingly important.

Here’s how ambitious space providers are differentiating their propositions to stand out from the competition.

Operating more efficiently

A flex-space operation is highly complex. It entails managing multiple services, vendors, contracts, and a plethora of varying tenant needs and requirements. These hurdles divert attention and resources from the money makers: customer satisfaction and retention. Don’t let complexity get in the way of an efficient operation.

Check out how operators are simplifying the day-to-day so they can focus on the big picture, customer satisfaction and accelerate growth.

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