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Webinar Series Recap: How to Improve Workspace Efficiency

By Lucy Allen | October 23, 2019

The flexible workspace industry has become very diversified and competitive. Providers include not only traditional business and coworking centres but now traditional real estate developers and landlords are also entering the space. So how can independent flexible workspace operators compete effectively but also efficiently? We hosted a webinar series on this exact topic. Efficiency is…

essensys Credits: Technology that improves member experience

A New Way to Charge for Coworking Services

By Lucy Allen | January 23, 2019

With the adoption of coworking amongst corporate establishments, operators are increasingly looking to expand their service offering to cater to the demanding requirements of corporate tenants and stand out from the crowd. What operators overlook, however, is making their services easier for occupiers to consume and pay for. To set yourself apart from competition and…

coworking industry podcast

A GCUC Podcast with Andrew Debenham: Adapting to a Changing Coworking Industry

By Tom Welby | January 17, 2019

With a new year underway and a huge range of GCUC events to look forward to in 2019, Andrew Debenham, Global Accounts Director at essensys, participated in the GCUC podcast series to talk all things coworking, his perspective on staying on top of the ever-evolving industry, and the recently announced global partnership between essensys and…

The best coworking technology, a CTO perspective

A CTO’s Perspective on the Best Technology for Coworking and Flex-Space Operators

By Lucy Allen | January 14, 2019

In today’s coworking market, not only workspace operators but landlords and property developers too are developing propositions for enterprise-level tenants. These occupiers are not only seeking community, collaboration, and attractive amenities, but they have strict IT and security requirements. With the rise of corporate uptake of flexible workspace, it’s important for landlords to know the stringent…

2019 Coworking Market Predictions

2019 Coworking Market Forecast

By Amanda Fanoun | January 11, 2019

With over a decade of experience in the flexible workspace market, we at essensys have seen the market changes first hand. Last year we saw our workspace market predictions start to come to life. Now, with 2018 in our rearview mirror, we take a look at what’s ahead for the coworking market in 2019. Continued…

Coworking Insights - Top Blog Posts of 2018

Coworking Market Insights: Top 10 Blog Posts in 2018

By Amanda Fanoun | January 4, 2019

2018 was a successful year for the coworking industry. From recording-breaking funding and expansions to new market players and a new focus for CRE stakeholders, there was no shortage of market topics to read about. We took a look back at what people were reading about coworking and compiled a list of our blog’s most…

GWA Coworking Council Series essensys

The GWA Coworking Council Series Recap: Staffing to Scale for Coworking Spaces

By Amanda Fanoun | November 28, 2018

The Global Workspace Association took its Coworking Council Series on the road this month to New York. Hosted by TriNet and held at the historic Player’s Club, Executive Director Jamie Russo was joined by five North American coworking owners and operators to discuss experiences they’ve had staffing their coworking spaces as they scaled their businesses.…

technology for coworking spaces

What Multi-Site Operators Want to Know About Technology for Coworking Spaces

By Tom Welby | November 15, 2018

Your workspace business enters a whole new world when you open up your second coworking site and beyond. If you weigh up the potential overhead of a multi-site flexible workspace business compared to a single site, the increased effort and costs can seem intimidating, especially when considering the right technology for your coworking spaces. Whether…

Wi-Fi Security for Coworking Spaces

Wi-Fi Security for Coworking Spaces

By Lucy Allen | November 7, 2018

In over 12 years of experience working with operators and running workspaces, we’ve found that most flexible workspace operators settle for a simple wireless setup and later regret it. There are many associated disadvantages with an open wireless network easily accessed with a common password that applies to everyone and is rarely changed. This simplistic…

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