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Webinar Series Recap: How to Improve Workspace Efficiency

By Lucy Allen | October 23, 2019

The flexible workspace industry has become very diversified and competitive. Providers include not only traditional business and coworking centres but now traditional real estate developers and landlords are also entering the space. So how can independent flexible workspace operators compete effectively but also efficiently? We hosted a webinar series on this exact topic. Efficiency is…

Coworking Insights 2016 Guidebook Photo

essensys’ Industry Leading Coworking Software featured in Coworking Insights 2016 Guidebook

By Amanda Fanoun | November 10, 2016

essensys has been featured in the 2016 Coworking Management Tools Guide published by Coworking Insights. Released this week, the guide provides busy operators and community managers with a detailed view of Coworking space management tools. The essensys platform demonstrates a clear distinction among its peers for its comprehensive features and clear roadmap for the most…

Coworking Europe 2016 Photo

Technology makes connecting more human-centric than ever

By Amanda Fanoun | November 8, 2016

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON COWORKINGEUROPE.NET Essensys is a leader in building software for workspace operators throughout the world. The platform aims at powering every workspace operator’s business, allowing them to grow by automating processes from lead to cash and everything in between. The Essensys software also provides an active community interface that serves as a global networking…

GWA What Not to Leave in Vegas Featured Image

GWA: What not to leave in Vegas

By Amanda Fanoun | October 7, 2016

This year’s GWA brought together new members, new vendors and old friends under the bright lights of Sin City. We’re taking a stand against the cliché whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We took it all with us and want to share our 10 key takeaways from this year’s 30th Annual GWA Conference.  …

essensys Turns 10 Blog Banner

We’re ten years in, but the journey has just begun

By Amanda Fanoun | October 6, 2016

Wow! 10 years. It’s been an incredible ride so far. From the days of Bryn, Barry and me crawling under desks to patch our first customer, to creating JEFF to do the hard work for us. Opening up in New York City to acquiring Hubcreate and the recent release of Occupie, the time has just…

GWA 2016 - Learning from Vegas

GWA 2016: Workspaces Can Learn a Lot From Vegas

By Amanda Fanoun | October 5, 2016

After a successful week at GWA 2016 in Las Vegas, it’s time to reflect. Not about the amount of money lost at the tables but about what it takes to be a successful workspace operator. This year there was a lot of discussion around how to monetize services and provide upsell and cross-sell opportunities in…

Wireless Versus Wired Photo

The Naked Truth: Wireless Versus Wired

By David Kinnaird | September 13, 2016

Flexible workspace industry veteran, workspace management software expert and COO of essensys, David Kinnaird, shares the facts, figures and recommendations for flexible workspace operators: Always-on connectivity has given people and devices the ability to connect to the cloud from wherever they are and regardless of what they’re doing. The network is now the computer, pushing much…

Office environment of the future Photo

The office environment of the future is here

By Amanda Fanoun | September 12, 2016

Reliable and high performing technology is the cornerstone of a successful workspace according to essensys, which has developed a platform for workspace companies that is on demand; anywhere in the world. Gloria Lombardi interviews essensy’ Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Eveleigh in Marginalia, to find out more. Flexible workspaces are flourishing and to a large degree…

The Young Collaborators: How to Create the Right Coworking Conditions for Tomorrow’s Leaders

By Amanda Fanoun | September 11, 2016

In their vision of tomorrow’s office, some futurists might be doing the younger generation a disservice. Millennials are more sociable than you might think. Quick to label them the digital natives that favour online communication tools and remote working options, there is a danger that we miss a key ingredient – people. From our experience,…

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