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Your Flexible Workspace Business – Driven by Data

By Lucy Allen | July 12, 2019

While more operators enter the market and competition heats up, what does this mean for existing operators and seasoned players? They must compete harder than ever before and keep a sharp eye on core business metrics that determine their success. The coworking industry is experiencing a growth of national and international brands expanding to their…

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How to Simplify Complex Shared Workspace Technology

By Amanda Fanoun | December 6, 2016

BY DAVID KINNAIRD, PRESIDENT, ESSENSYS NORTH AMERICA Simplify Complex Workspace Technology: Part 6 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business We live in a constantly connected and online world in which Internet access is considered a commodity. Just about every aspect of our lives – especially conducting business – depends on the…

The Complete Guide to In-Life Customer Management, Upselling and Cross-selling

By Amanda Fanoun | December 1, 2016

BY CLAIRE LUIK, VICE PRESIDENT PRODUCT AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, ESSENSYS NORTH AMERICA Part 5 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business In the first few installments of our lead to cash series, we’ve presented best practices for lead generation, sales management and the licensing and onboarding process. You may have closed…

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The Complete Guide to Onboarding New Tenants and Members

By Amanda Fanoun | November 29, 2016

BY DAVID KINNAIRD, COO, ESSENSYS Part 4 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business There is nothing simple about running a business and much less a shared workspace. Operators must have control of and visibility into every aspect of their operation, from sales and lead management, services and billing, to…

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Complete Guide to Managing an Effective Sales Pipeline

By Amanda Fanoun | November 22, 2016

BY ASHLEY KORNER, SENIOR VP SALES & OPERATIONS, CARR WORKPLACES Part 3 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business Sales and pipeline management for operators of flexible workspaces is just one step in the lifecycle that is tightly integrated into all of the surrounding steps. The goal is to drive a…

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Insider Insight to Mastering the Shared Workspace Tour Experience

By Amanda Fanoun | November 17, 2016

BY DAVID KINNAIRD, PRESIDENT, ESSENSYS NORTH AMERICA Part 2 of the free eBook: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Flexible Workspace Business Promoting your space and generating and qualifying leads will bring you to a workspace operator’s number one goal: a booked prospect tour. Now is your time to shine. This is the point in the…

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How to Grow Demand for Your Flexible Workspace

By Amanda Fanoun | November 15, 2016

Whether you run a coworking space or traditional business center, the heart of the shared workspace industry is supplying flexible office services to a continually expanding and increasingly dynamic workforce. Often, however, resources are tight and budgets are small, forcing workspace operators to focus solely on the required operational tasks. This causes other important elements of…

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essensys’ Industry Leading Coworking Software featured in Coworking Insights 2016 Guidebook

By Amanda Fanoun | November 10, 2016

essensys has been featured in the 2016 Coworking Management Tools Guide published by Coworking Insights. Released this week, the guide provides busy operators and community managers with a detailed view of Coworking space management tools. The essensys platform demonstrates a clear distinction among its peers for its comprehensive features and clear roadmap for the most…

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Technology makes connecting more human-centric than ever

By Amanda Fanoun | November 8, 2016

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON COWORKINGEUROPE.NET Essensys is a leader in building software for workspace operators throughout the world. The platform aims at powering every workspace operator’s business, allowing them to grow by automating processes from lead to cash and everything in between. The Essensys software also provides an active community interface that serves as a global networking…

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