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The best coworking technology, a CTO perspective

A CTO’s Perspective on the Best Technology for Coworking and Flex-Space Operators

By Lucy Allen | January 23, 2019

In today’s coworking market, not only workspace operators but landlords and property developers too are developing propositions for enterprise-level tenants. These occupiers are not only seeking community, collaboration, and attractive amenities, but they have strict IT and security requirements. With the rise of corporate uptake of flexible workspace, it’s important for landlords to know the stringent…

Carr Workplaces chooses essensys Photo

Carr Workplaces chooses essensys to deliver technology services at its centers

By Amanda Fanoun | August 1, 2016

NEW YORK, 7 July 2016 essensys, the leading technology provider to the flexible workplace industry, has been selected by Carr Workplaces to deliver their workspace management platform and a technology upgrade to the operator’s existing infrastructure in order to enable increased efficiencies and accommodate their continuing growth.   David Kinnaird, President of essensys North America,…

Benefits for your flexible workspace photo

Automated workflows: 6 benefits for your flexible workspace

By Amanda Fanoun | July 7, 2016

By Justin Harley, Vice President of International Business development at essensys   Think of workflow automation as a way to delight your customers by transforming the quality and consistency of your service. A workflow is a sequence of steps and actions that need to happen for a business process to complete. Today, in most shared…

Running a Shared Workspace Photo

5 Insider Tips for Running a Shared Workspace

By Amanda Fanoun | June 9, 2016

By David Kinnaird, President, essensys Today’s modern workforce – from freelancers and entrepreneurs to large businesses – has never had so many workspace options. The rising cost of commercial real estate in urban areas and the increased competition among shared workspace operators accentuates the need for providers to stay competitive and to make cash. Based on…

essensys at GCUC Photo

ESSENSYS GOT GCUC *(It’s pronounced Juicy!)*

By Amanda Fanoun | May 10, 2016

Based at the Steelcase Worklife Center in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month, the latest GCUCALL event was a grand slam in the essensys books. GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) is the largest coworking conference event series in the world and this year, they partnered with the Alliance Business Center Network to form a global…

Join team essensys at GCUCALL in LA

Join team essensys at GCUCALL in LA

By Amanda Fanoun | April 22, 2016

We’re delighted to announce our sponsorship of the GCUCALL conference taking place this May 3rd to 5th in Los Angeles. Come and experience our awesome unconference lounge, where we’ll keep attendees powered up with snacks, ice-cold drinks and beats throughout the day… and treat you to a special Cinco de Mayo celebration! While you’re there,…

BCA Conference 2016 People Photo

BCA Conference 2016: opportunities and differentiation in a booming sector

By Amanda Fanoun | April 21, 2016

Gareth Evans, MD Bizspace. Joe Murray, Sales Director, essensys. Michael Guest, MD essensys. Mark Furness, CEO, essensys. Tom Payne, Operations Director, Bizspace.   By Joe Murray – Sales Director at essensys Another year, another successful BCA conference! BCA Executive Director Jennifer Brooke kicked off the annual flagship event with a rallying cry for flexible workplace…

How to drive revenue through community nurturing technology

By Amanda Fanoun | April 20, 2016

By Claire Luik, VP Product & Business Development – Digital Workspace at essensys For coworking space providers to set themselves apart, they need to implement an intelligent, technology-based strategy around the beating heart of their space: the member community. As is widely accepted, coworking members want to feel part of a buzzing, productive and collaborative…

How to drive usage of your meeting rooms

How to Drive Usage of your Meeting Rooms

By Amanda Fanoun | March 22, 2016

It’s fair to say that meeting rooms are on average empty for about 75% of the time. While hardly news for our sector, this still is shocking. Especially considering the ever-growing focus on mobile working and collaborative spaces, both furthering the overall need for meeting rooms. On the plus side, workspace operators should recognise a…

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