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By Amanda Fanoun · 12.09.2016 · 2 MIN READ

Reliable and high performing technology is the cornerstone of a successful workspace according to essensys, which has developed a platform for workspace companies that is on demand; anywhere in the world. Gloria Lombardi interviews essensy’ Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Eveleigh in Marginalia, to find out more.

Flexible workspaces are flourishing and to a large degree have been driven by the changing expectations of companies and indeed their workforces – they have created a new phenomenon called space-as-a-service market. In fact, over the past few years we have witnessed the emergence of flexible office solutions such as co-working spaces, innovation hubs, science parks and executive suites. Companies such as WeWork, the Impact Hub or Techspace are examples in a sector which is growing – attracting both small and large entrants.

More than ever before there is a willingness to be flexible, consume services on-demand and work in new and innovative ways. Indeed, Millennial employees thrive in highly collaborative and tech savvy workplaces and value those types of environments when choosing where to work. In response, many organisations are shifting away from traditional offices environments to more innovative workplaces, seeking to incorporate the values of the new generation.

It is not only large companies who see the benefit in new workplaces. The space-as-a-service industry is also supporting the new independent economy. Start-ups – empowered by technology, are agile and have the ability to compete with large enterprises in an unprecedented way and they don’t need the traditional office buildings to do so!

But, aside from the funky, sometimes slick aesthetics of innovative workspaces they need systems, processes, and technology to support the complexity of their business and ultimately provide workers who access their spaces with everything they need to be productive.

essensys understands that high performing and reliable technology is the cornerstone of a successful workspace and has developed a platform for workspace companies that is available on demand, anywhere in the world. Since 2006, when essensys was founded, the company has been obsessive about the use of technology in shared working environments. I interviewed essensys’ Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Eveleigh (pictured right), to explore how their platform changes the way workspaces operate. Ultimately, allowing them to deliver the best experience in-house and online to their members.

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