Introducing The Flex Services Platform

By Lucy Allen · 16.03.2021 · 4 MIN READ

The launch of the Flex Services Platform couldn’t be timelier. The global pandemic has reset workspace expectations, and as a result flexible workspace providers and landlords are gearing up to respond to occupiers’ rapidly evolving demands. To effectively attract and retain occupiers, they need to not only ensure today’s needs are met, but also anticipate what the office of the future will look like.

Delivering on this however, brings complexity and risk. Space providers need to be wary of uncontrolled costs, or disparate and disconnected systems – all of which impede profitability and the occupier experience. That’s why we’ve been hard at work building our Flex Services Platform that removes these complexities, is built for future innovation and gives you all the technology required to deliver next-generation workspace experiences.

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We’ve been providing enterprise class software and technology for the world’s leading office landlords and flexible workspace providers for the past 15 years. We’ve taken this deep sector experience and combined it with feedback from the industry’s most forward-thinking companies to develop and create a unique next-generation platform for flexible real estate.

Mark Furness, CEO, essensys

What is the Flex Services Platform?

The Flex Services Platform was specifically designed to solve the unique challenges of setting up, operating and scaling flexible workspaces. While other technologies may give you a piece of the puzzle, the platform provides secure digital infrastructure, effective space setup, seamless operations and mobile-first occupier experiences. All underpinned by the proven capabilities of our scalable and resilient private network and cloud infrastructure.

It allows the most ambitious operators and landlords to streamline their digital infrastructure and core processes to maximise insight and profitability, and flexibly adapt their spaces to meet market demand. It enables effortless user journeys between technology infrastructure and space operations as well as delivering the best occupier experiences, all in a single platform.

Digital Infrastructure. From quicker setup of workspaces to effective day-to-day operations, everything is underpinned by our unique digital infrastructure built to transform every aspect of the occupier experience. Our private network and cloud infrastructure allows us to deliver enterprise-grade security, connectivity and resilience and makes on-demand occupier services a reality. The Flexible Services Platform supports a wide range of secure in-building experiences with modules such as Smart Access, Digital Signage and Private Peering.

Space Management allows flexible workspace providers to create a digital twin of their sites including floors, meeting rooms, desks, offices and event spaces. Once created, it’s then very straightforward to attach doors, sensors, screens and printers. This makes it easy for you to adapt your flexible workspace offering and quickly create spaces ready for occupiers to move in.

Flexible Operations streamline the whole occupier lifecycle, from leads to contract to cash collection. Flexible workspaces are more complex due to shorter contracts and shared resources. Our platform automates core processes to remove these operational headaches and deliver seamless in-building experiences. It also integrates with other best-of-breed business applications to ensure your team use the best tools for the tasks in hand.

Occupier Experience is key for remaining competitive and attracting and retaining occupiers. Our platform streamlines how occupiers adopt, use and interact with workspaces. On-demand services are available at their fingertips through a customisable mobile app and web portal. The focus is on delivering a self-service environment with a marketplace of value-added services and amenities allowing them to be productive.

Platform Highlights

Modular approach

The Flex Services platform has been designed to meet the technology needs of all occupiers. Its modular approach means you can activate the specific modules that suit your business when they’re needed. Modules are layered on top of our digital infrastructure which essentially means the platform scales with you. This flexibility means our customers can fill the critical gaps to satisfy their needs of their customers today, while being able to quickly add additional features as required.

Best-of-breed integrations

We understand that our customers are likely to have already invested in business applications like CRM and accounting. That’s why the Flex Services Platform is built to integrate with these types of best-of-breed applications, ensuring you are equipped with the most appropriate tools, and can maximise the investments made in technology.

Intuitive user interface

Part of removing the complexity of operating flexible workspaces is making it easy for non tech-savvy staff to gain full control over daily operational tasks. The platform has been designed to give occupiers a work experience that is smooth, productive and inspiring. Non-technical staff can easily manage and monitor the digital infrastructure across their portfolio and provision occupier services at the touch of a button using an intuitive interface.

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