Improve Workspace Efficiency with Vistor Management

By Lucy Allen · 16.10.2020 · 4 MIN READ

With the flexible workspace industry in high growth mode, ensuring your workspace is optimally efficient can make all the difference when it comes to both attracting and retaining tenants. Adopting state-of-the-art workspace technology, such as a visitor management system, can increase operational efficiency, as well as offer a seamless experience for members.

A visitor management system is essentially a digital receptionist that greets and checks in visitors to your workplace. And not just people there to meet with a member but also deliveries, tours and event attendees. Read on to discover how a visitor management system can improve your coworking space efficiency and ultimately increase member satisfaction.

Increase Staff Productivity

By having an automated visitor management system, you can free staff from manual tasks and allow them to focus on more valuable projects that involve member engagement and business growth. Admin is the bane of many flexible workspace receptionists and community managers work life as it can be time-consuming and take priority over other, more important day-to-day tasks. Streamlining visitor registration can reduce admin and tick one more manual job off the list, ultimately increasing staff productivity and morale. This positively impacts workspace efficiency and meanwhile, important guests are never left waiting.

Impress your Customers with Automation

First impressions start from the moment someone steps through the door into reception and can shape the entire visitor experience. You can make a memorable and unique experience for members and their visitors right from the get-go by automating visitor registration. In this ever-increasing digital and technology-focused world, customers expect modern technology. Your tech stack can act as a significant competitive advantage when prospects are evaluating which workspace to occupy.

Tenants want a slick and smooth experience for themselves but also for their visitors – a trickle-down effect. With a visitor management system, you can create an efficient process that won’t go unnoticed. Visitors simply choose the purpose of their visit, who they are there to see, and enter their name. Automated reception and mailroom notifications reach members instantly by text, voice call, email or Slack to ensure guests are never left waiting. A cloud-based visitor logbook tracks all visitors, including tours and event attendees, which can build the CRM database with no manual data entry. Keep track of who is visiting your workspace easily whilst raising your reputation with a professional reception environment. Unlike staff, digital apps are available all the time, 24/7 meaning visitors are never left waiting or dissatisfied.

Improve Building Security and Employee and Occupier Safety

Numerous people come and go from a flexible workspace so it can be hard to keep track of who is in your building at any given time without a comprehensive digital system. Signing in and out on a bit of paper isn’t an accurate representation or a secure procedure. Having a digital system provides reassurance of safety and extra protection by identifying visitors quickly and accurately.

Save Trees as well as Money

Traditional visitor registration methods require multiple hours of administrative labour and large quantities of paper to ensure third-party data is stored, filed and safely secured. With modern visitor management systems, the reliance on paper is eliminated as visitor details are stored and easily accessed in the systems back-office. This cost-efficient approach of connecting visitors with the right person saves hours of admin, a significant amount of paper and a large chunk of money in the long-term.

A System that Grows with your Business

A good visitor tracking system is highly flexible, adaptable and scalable. This means it can be easily customized to fit your growing business needs. Greetly, a visitor management system, have not only a Digital Receptionist application but also a Digital Mailroom app, allowing a community manager to receive deliveries, log them and send notifications in seconds.

Get Started with Greetly

We’ve integrated with Greetly, the world’s market-leading digital receptionist app for coworking spaces, business centers and virtual offices. This new integration allows operators to save time by automating the reception function so community managers can focus on, well, community.

Gone are the days of signing in visitors on paper. Make a great first impression and provide a slick member experience with a visitor management system that improves workplace efficiency. Visitor management no longer needs to be a challenge for flexible workspaces thanks to the essensys and Greetly solution. See it in action today with a free product demo.

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