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How to Leverage Technology to Deliver an Excellent Member Experience

Leveraging Technology Member Experience in Coworking

In the growing flex-space industry, operators are competing to secure corporate tenants and differentiate their proposition within the market. While millennial-attracting amenities such as beer on tap and foosball tables at first glance enrich the member experience, they’re not a mainstay in occupier satisfaction. Operators and occupiers alike could miss a trick by underestimating the unique contribution that technology can make in delivering a smooth and frictionless member experience, bringing the physical and digital together within a workspace.

A digital workspace journey may sound futuristic, but it is today’s reality. We rely on technology more and more throughout all aspects of our lives, especially in the workspace. The technology that underpins a coworking space speaks volumes about brand quality and organizational efficiency. From the first point of contact at a tour request to finalizing a lease agreement with an electronic signature, purpose-built, and mobile-ready technology makes the experience simple, painless, and almost invisible for members.

The digital journey continues with a quick and easy onboarding process that gets customers and their teams productive faster with no friction. Leveraging automation and self-service technology facilitates slick service delivery, making the entire experience entirely seamless for members. Operators are continually seeking ways to differentiate their brand and deliver more value to their members.

By offering an online marketplace, a range of on-demand services can help enrich a flex-space proposition. Members can scale services according to their needs and be in control of their own workspace environment. A mobile offering, complete with space booking capabilities and payment management, simplifies how members can consume and pay for services.

When it comes to connectivity services, ultra-fast and reliable Wi-Fi is critical to the member experience. Deskmag reported that one of the top reasons people left a coworking space was due to a poor internet connection. It’s official. The days of open W-Fi networks and shared bandwidth typical of open plan coworking spaces are over.

As the market evolves, so are tenant expectations around the accessibility and security of tech services. Corporate uptake of flex-space has resulted in stricter technical, security, and service-level requirements and demands from these occupiers. Lack of enterprise-grade technology with proven security and compliance specifications is a deal-breaker for corporate occupiers.

Secure, credential-based Wi-Fi and dedicated private VLANs that are accessible and extendable across single or multisite workspaces are vital enablers, over and above that of the reliable and secure internet connection – which is now a table stake. Delivering additional products and capabilities such as voice, network, security services, business apps, and products all further improve the corporate occupier experience within a flexible workspace.

The human element of hospitality-like service is fundamental to the member experience. However, technology is the critical enabler for operators to deliver a move-in-ready space that offers the agility, flexibility, and best-in-class member experiences that tenants demand. Tech-enabled spaces offer productivity and efficiency within the customer journey, reduce time-to-value, and bolster deeper interactions between operators, their spaces, and members.

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