GCUC UK touches down in London

By Tom Welby
28.08.18 ·

The UK is about to get a bit juicier as GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference – pronounced ‘juicy’) finally touches down in London this September with GCUC UK.

We’re very excited that the biggest coworking event has arrived in London and we’re running through what you can expect for the very first GCUC UK.

Day 1 – The Conference, the outlook and the technology

For day one, we’re tackling the ‘conference’ part of GCUC which will be in a format you’re no doubt familiar with including moderated panels featuring a lineup of industry leaders who are helping to shape the coworking sector within the UK such as the CEO at Bold, Caleb Parker, Co-Head of Storey at British Land, James Lowery and Director at Uncommon, Chris Davies, whose case study you can read here, which highlights how you can stand out in a bustling coworking crowd.

A key factor being tackled during day one (and the entire conference) will be the outlook for the workspace industry and the effect that new entrants, particularly landlords and commercial real estate players are going to be having in the coming years.

With there being dramatic movements towards a more symbiotic relationship between landlords, CRE players and the flexible workspace industry – you’ll want to make sure you arrive bright and early on day one to catch the UK Market Report. This will provide you with an overview of how the UK flexible space sector is shaping up and the knowledge of what your main bargaining powers will be in future dealings with landlords and the CRE industry.

Another key focus for the conference, and our speciality here at essensys, is the technological changes that will affect both coworking members and spaces over the next five years. Technology and real estate expert Antony Slumbers, who you’ll be able to hear from before GCUC on our next webinar, will be a panelist just before lunch on day one. The panel ‘The Future of Work: It’s all about humans but robots are coming’ will help you breakdown the different ways you can start to prepare for the technological changes that have already started happening in the industry.

While technology can often be a daunting subject, this panel will also reveal to you how it’s not too late to get yourself on the front foot. Though, be warned… This window is getting smaller as the industry continues to embrace and adapt technological changes. See how essensys technology can prepare your workspace for the future of work and keep your business competitive in today’s market.

Day 2 – The Unconference

The ‘Unconference’ part of GCUC is the juiciest part of the conference and so it’s good to know what to expect if you’re going to be a first timer. During the Unconferences, the panelists and organisers step out of the spot-light and let it shine on you, the attendees. During the afternoon attendees are able to submit any topics of discussion you might choose, allowing you to deep dive into the wealth of insider information available which is not so commonly available when you’re not at a GCUC event.

Touring London

After the close of the conference, you wouldn’t be amiss to take part in the coworking tours taking place across London, showcasing some of the finest coworking spaces across the city. These tours will include a view of the newly opened and already iconic, The Ministry, for which we proudly provide the mission critical software platforms helping to run the space.

The Webinar Warm Up

To help get your thinking caps fixed on for the Unconference, we’re hosting a webinar with GCUC Day 1 speakers Antony Slumbers, commercial real estate and technology expert who we spoke with last month (link to Products/Services article) ), and Chris Davies, Director of Uncommon. As technology is a key focus of the conference, there’ll be new and vital knowledge available on the industry to help kick start your unconference ideas! The webinar kicks off on September 5th 2018.

Catch essensys at GCUC UK

As top-tiered sponsors, essensys will be out in full force for GCUC UK and you’ll be able to catch us on the second floor. You’ll see our stand as soon as you head down the escalator to enter the conference. We’re always going to be open for a chat and a coffee (or tea). So feel free to stop by anytime to meet one of the team or to get a personal demo of our mission critical software which is powering some of the best workspaces across the globe.

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