essensys Operate-Zapier Integration is now live

By Amanda Fanoun
12.08.17 ·

In today’s world, the ever expanding list of software platforms and systems that every operator uses is proliferating. There’s just no getting away from the fact that different teams have preferences for different tools. Sales may be comfortable with, while marketers use tools like HubSpot or Marketo. Centre teams use essensys Operate and finance use Xero or Quickbooks. Bringing the data together for integration into a single source can be painful and lead to task lists for your team that requires manual intervention or upload of data.

But there is some good news. The new essensys Operate-Zapier BETA integration, now available to all essensys Operate customers, makes it easy for anyone to connect Operate to over 250 different web platforms in a matter of minutes.

So, what is Zapier?

Zapier is a web based platform that allows you to connect all of your different software platforms (and data). Using simple recipes or building more complex rules sets you can remove the need for manual tasks or human intervention. You can sign up to Zapier here.

Once you’re signed up to Zapier, you can navigate through the long list of integrations they have available, and you can start to connect your software estate.

Configuring Occupie to integrate with other apps

For any apps you want to combine with Operate, those apps will need to have the necessary triggers and fields registered with Zapier. You will be able to see what fields and triggers that have registered when you add their app.

Occupie already has a set of triggers and fields registered with Zapier, however if there are any you wish to add then please contact the Customer Success team via the chat widget.

Please note that Zapier is best used for ‘one way’, ‘one time’ actions, when pushing information from one master system into another, rather than to keep two systems in sync as this can lead to duplication of data.

Currently available Triggers:

  • New Account
  • New Contact
  • New Lead
  • New Calendar Event
  • Deleted Calendar Event

Currently Available Actions:

  • Create Account
  • Create Contact
  • Create Lead
  • Create Opportunity

For more information on Zapier and what it can do for you and your business, please visit the essensys Knowledge Base.


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