Deskmag’s 2019 Global Coworking Survey

By Amanda Fanoun
25.01.19 ·

The Global Coworking Survey is back this year and it’s time again for coworking operators, owners and their members to contribute their feedback in Deskmag’s annual survey.

The annual Coworking Survey responses help provide real insight and data that serve as a framework for industry trends and performance. While it doesn’t necessarily tell us how many coworking operators and locations are active or have been decommissioned year upon year, Deskmag’s survey maintains its standing as a reference point for the global coworking market.

A Look Back: 2018 Coworking Survey Results


Last year’s survey offered key data points around profitability, revenue streams and operating costs. For example, the results demonstrated that profitability is on the rise. Of all of the coworking spaces surveyed, 42% responded that they were profitable, which was a 2% jump from the previous year. Deskmag’s annual benchmarking has proven that profitability has consistently risen since 2013, an indication that Coworking operators are getting something right as they perfect the model over the years.

It’s worth noting, that more money has gone into coworking over the last three years. The market has seen an influx in investment and expansion along with an increase in CRE interest. Coworking is no longer for the solopreneur, freelancers and SMBs, but for the corporates and enterprise organizations. With a growing market, has come growing profitability.

Revenue Streams

Last year’s Deskmag survey showed that revenue from private offices was up 9% upon the previous year, a number comprising 27% of total coworking revenue streams, making it the top source of income for operators. As enterprise-grade customers take up more and more flexible space, private offices and even entire floors are contributing a greater chunk to an operator’s revenue streams.

The shift in the historical coworking occupier profile means that operators – and increasingly landlords and property managers – are taking their stock of space and repurposing it to deliver private office space within a shared workspace and network.

Eager to drive even more revenue streams, operators are adding more and more products, services and amenities to their workspace proposition to meet the needs of their growing corporate clientele. As an example, enterprise-grade technology services are a must in the current state of the industry.


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Operating Costs

Deskmag’s 2018 Survey showed that operating costs increased by 2% up to 17% total among surveyed operators. As the market has matured, operators have undoubtedly been ramping up service offerings, revamping the design and layout of their spaces, and dedicating more budget to marketing initiatives.

Data for Coworking Predictions

Deskmag’s annual survey is a valuable point of reference for the coworking industry. It’s helped operators, members and vendors keep tabs on a fast-growing market. As supporters of Deskmag, we our readers and market peers to contribute to the survey.

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