How a Denver Property Group is Delivering Enterprise-grade Coworking

Operator Highlight | Enterprise Coworking

Operator Highlight: Enterprise Coworking

Focus Property Group, a Denver real estate company, launched Enterprise Coworking in 2015. They currently operate over 80,000 square feet of flexible office space across two locations, with a third on the horizon. As owners and operators of commercial real estate assets, exploring the coworking sector in Denver was a no-brainer. The challenge was positioning themselves as a hands-on, amenity-rich, enterprise-grade provider of flexible office space.

The Challenge of Delivering Enterprise-Grade Services

Beyond a growing number of freelancers and SMBs taking flex-space, the expansion of the coworking sector over the past two years is mainly thanks to corporate and enterprise occupier uptake and longer leasing terms.

While catering to this growing market, a common hurdle for flexible workspace operators that became a serious pain point for Enterprise Coworking was technology. They quickly realized that the technology needs of this enterprise segment of the market were beyond the capabilities of their existing infrastructure setup.

In addition to the technology not being up to scratch, Enterprise Coworking was unable to guarantee a secure network connection to large organizations with strict IT security and compliance requirements. With an increasing number of corporate prospect deals lost and members threatening to leave, Enterprise Coworking realized that the traditional office network set up was not conducive to an enterprise-grade multi-tenanted workspace environment and had no choice but to re-evaluate their IT delivery systems.

The Solution: Providing a Better Member Experience

Internet connectivity is the prime driver of today’s office environment. For Enterprise Coworking, it was the focus of a necessary overhaul to deliver a better member experience and capture new business. Connect, the software-enabled infrastructure platform by essensys, has simplified and automated service provisioning and management for their wide-ranging member base and offered peace of mind thanks to the enterprise-grade security built into the essensysCloud private network.

Read more to find out how Enterprise Coworking has been able to focus on delivering enterprise-grade services and securing new corporate tenants by using a purpose-built coworking software.


About Enterprise Coworking: Enterprise Coworking is a shared workspace environment designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. And when we say for entrepreneurs, we mean anyone with an idea big enough and a dedication strong enough to invest the financial, intellectual and emotional capital necessary to make that idea a reality. From solopreneurs, startups and small businesses up to larger established companies, Enterprise Coworking has the workspace, resources and collaboration opportunities you need to bring your vision to fruition.


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