Customer Engagement: Driving Success with Mission-critical Software

By Amanda Fanoun · 14.03.2019 · 7 MIN READ

Last week we kicked off the first of a series of customer engagement sessions to further empower essensys customers with the most advanced and comprehensive coworking technology tools. Hosted in the Aldgate Arms, our London HQ in-office event space, we welcomed some of the UK’s most ambitious operators looking to enhance their product knowledge and learn more about essensys mission-critical software.

A Warm Welcome from the essensys Team

We strive to not only deliver the most comprehensive software and technology platforms for the efficient and seamless management of all aspects of a flexible workspace, but to also foster our personal customer relationships. Our Team Leads guided the day with training, top-tips and roadmap sessions on the Connect and Operate platforms. Both platforms are purpose-built for coworking and flex-spaces; Connect provisions, manages and monitors flexible workspace infrastructure, while Operate is the back-office brains of the workspace

Meet our team and product experts
• Michael Guest, Chief Revenue Officer
• Bryn Sadler, CTO and Co-founder of essensys
• Cosmin, Head of Product
• Claire Luik, VP of Operate
• Jack Bhullar, Head of Customer Success, Connect

Operate Session: Comprehensive Workspace Management Platform

Member Experience Highlights

Claire Luik kicked off the Operate session with a demo of the soon-to-be-released essensys mobile app. Unlike other coworking apps, which can be impractical and offer end-users minimal benefits while bloating their devices, the essensys app has been carefully curated to deliver the functionality that the coworking industry relies on for day to day activities.

With the flex-space industry quickly moving towards a mobile over desktop format – a trend that resonated with all of the day’s attendees – they were delighted to get an insider preview of what’s in store for their phones. Think convenience, accessibility, customization, and a seamless, self-service and digital experience for members.

Credits Payment System

Claire and the Operate team presented the latest feature release of the new credits system. At essensys, we are dedicated to offering our customers new and innovative functionality to secure different revenue streams. Operate’s credit system allows coworking members to purchase and spend credits on goods and services within an operator’s proposition. Unlike some payment methods, utilising a credits system allows customers greater flexibility, control and reporting capabilities. To ensure the most benefit was being drawn from our new features, Claire showcased the full benefits of credits, including how to create incentives for their members which can be tied to space occupancy deals.

Broker Engagement

With an open Q&A running throughout the day, we received excellent insight from our customer on elements of our mission-critical software that are a must to assist them with their daily operations. A hot topic was broker engagement and facilitating receiving and managing leads from brokers. An administrative hassle and time-sink for many operators and their teams is how they interact with brokers. Remedying this, we discussed broker portal elements of the Operate platform that allow brokers to engage with their coworking spaces, essentially automating the broker process without needing the operator teams to get involved. The goal is for our software to save operators time, energy, and hassle on repetitive administrative processes, making their business run more efficiently.

Audits and Accreditations: Responding to Customer Needs

Dealing with a complex audit or accreditation process can be a tiresome endeavor, one which a portion of our customers were currently enduring. To help alleviate some of the stress that comes with these processes, we discussed with our customers the possibilities of introducing new elements to the software that could streamline and simplify an audit. Operate itself acts as a single repository with secure cloud storage of information on clients, training and liability documents.

New Integrations and Customer Promos

Claire and the Operate team offered a sneak peek at the latest integrations within the platform. For starters, the Ezeep integration offers Operate customers the ability to extend a compelling printing solution to their members that facilitates integrated billing across multiple locations all within the same account. Printing management in flexible office environments has long been a thorn in the side of operators. Now with the Operate and ezeep integration, tracking and charging for printing services is no longer a headache.

We covered the upcoming Greetly digital receptionist and visitor management software integration and how it will allow operators to be more efficient and foster community. Cloud-based technology is able to track visitors, tours, and event attendees, preventing manual data entry and enabling automation for follow-ups. Removing manual tasks for your day to day enables operators and their staff to spend more time within their space and growing their community. Commercial promotions for Greetly are available to essensys Operate customers.

Connect Session: Software-Enabled Infrastructure

Infrastructure Taking You Farther

After a short lunch break where customers were able to network, we kicked off the Connect segment of the day. Beginning with Jack, Head of Customer Success for our workspace technology platform, we presented our newly launched Customer Success website for Connect. Created as an all-in-one resource for new and existing customers, this element of the success enablement process is designed to ensure our customers maximise the benefits of the comprehensive IT management platform. Also serving as a learning platform, the microsite further assists customers by ensuring they utilising the full benefits of the software and have the resources they need to enable their team to sell, up-sell and cross-sell marketplace services to their end-users.

Security and Compliance with the essensys Network

While the new GDPR legislation can feel like an aging initiative, all of our customers noted that security, resilience, reliability, and encryption were not only some of their most pressing concerns but that these concerns were shared by their tenants. This apprehension was most prominent amongst customers who serve government bodies in their workspaces. Jack presented a comprehensive breakdown of the essensys network and how it ensures always-on, always compliant connectivity. Explaining the architecture of the privately owned and operated essensysCloud network offered customers deeper insight into how their occupiers’ data is safe and encrypted even across multiple sites.

Driving Value with Platform Components of Connect

During our top tips and tricks presentation, we peeled back the many comprehensive layers of Connect to ensure that our customers are taking advantage of the many benefits the platform offers. For example, how to control the complex infrastructure that powers their site. Attendees noted that the ease of increasing or decreasing bandwidth quickly via Connect from a mobile device like a table was a powerful asset in running their sites. The essensys on-demand marketplace was also raised as a strong benefit; enabling them to tailor their offering to suit the ever-growing range of customer needs across their different sites, whether simply offering telephony alternatives to global customers or meeting room packages.

Engaging and Enriching the Flex-Space Market

As the world’s leading provider of mission-critical software to the flexible workspace industry, essensys is committed to serving the growing needs of operators. While training, top-tips and roadmap information is critical to the trust we engender among our user base, so is bringing people together under one roof. We were pleased to see so many of our valuable customers engaging with each other, exchanging ideas, processes, and experiences, and gaining inspiration from one another.

More to Come in Customer Success

We learned plenty about our customers’ needs and their interest in software components to continue driving their operation forward. This customer engagement session was just the first of many future media events, webinars and engagement sessions to bring our customers closer to our platforms and empower them to scale and grow their business efficiently. As a long and successful day drew to a close, in good essensys fashion, we topped off all the product talk with food and spirits, offering a rare opportunity to bring flex-space peers together.

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