Coworking Market Insights: Top 10 Blog Posts in 2018

By Amanda Fanoun
04.01.19 ·

2018 was a successful year for the coworking industry. From recording-breaking funding and expansions to new market players and a new focus for CRE stakeholders, there was no shortage of market topics to read about. We took a look back at what people were reading about coworking and compiled a list of our blog’s most read articles of 2018.


2018: Flexible Workspace Market Forecast

Our 2018 predictions article was the next most popular article in 2018. We didn’t have a crystal ball, but we sure hit the nail on the head with this forecast. Here are our predictions for 2019.


Workspace Market Stats: Space, Size and Pricing

Coworking is a relatively young market with little to compare in terms of performance, stats, and data over time. Thanks to research and reports by organizations such as Instant Offices, JLL and Emergent Research, we can keep our eyes on the market and measure success over time. This article highlighted the key stats on the coworking market.


Opening a Coworking Space: Financing, Budget & Investment

Coworking Financing, Budget and Investment

Coworking grew tremendously in 2018. New spaces from large national providers as well as smaller operators primarily contributed to that growth. While the concept of coworking latched on and gained widespread recognition as a sustainable proposition for the office sector, the monies around opening a coworking space have clearly been a matter of focus for those taking the step.


How to Drive Usage of your Meeting Rooms

How to drive usage of your meeting rooms

Elements of your coworking space such as community and design are key, but driving revenue from amenities is becoming a vital part of running a coworking operation. Members expect the basic amenities such as meeting rooms. In this article, we break down how to drive greater usage of your meeting rooms.


Metrics for Workspace Success: Reporting, Occupancy & Operations

Reporting Occupancy & Operators - Metrics for Success

With the popularity of the coworking concept along comes a focus on bottom lines and profitability. Our readers wanted to know about measuring metrics for success in their flexible workspace venture. With increased competition and operators must compete harder than ever before and keep a sharp eye on core business metrics. Key reports on revenue and space occupancy are essential to sustain, grow and predict the future of a coworking business.


Top 5 Shared Workspace Operator Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Competing in a growing market, achieving scale, and growing efficiently are some of the many challenges of running a shared workspace. In this article, however, we discuss the top operational challenges of the nitty-gritty, day-to-day tasks of managing a coworking space. These obstacles can make or break you. Have a read.


A CTO’s Perspective on the Best Technology for Coworking and Flex-Space Operators

The best coworking technology, a CTO perspective

One of the greatest challenges for coworking and flexible workspace operators is technology. The flexible nature of a shared workspace, the complexity of multiple systems and the prospect of an internet outage keeps operators awake at night. If you’re pulling your hair out trying to DIY or spending big money with a consultant, take some advice about coworking tech and IT operations from an expert. In this article, our CTO, Bryn Sadler, discusses the best approaches to a multi-tenanted, flexible workspace office environment.


Wi-Fi 101 for Coworking and Shared Workspaces


According to Deskmag, Wi-Fi is one of the top reasons people leave their coworking spaces. If you can’t get the basics right, the rest won’t matter. When it comes to technology, your internet speed and security are top concerns for your coworking members, according to the Instant Group. In this sixth most read article in 2018, we break down everything coworking operators need to know about Wi-Fi.


Opening a Coworking Space 101: Commercial Real Estate

CRE for Coworking

In 2018 our readers were interested in how to secure real estate for new coworking spaces. Guest author and Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association, Jamie Russo, contributed this article on the different avenues to getting your physical workspace.


Top 11 Tips to Starting a Coworking Business


In this article, we highlighted the top tips for starting a coworking business. You can also check out the full eBook here.



You can find more market-leading insights and tips on running a coworking space and related content such as eBooks, Guides and Case Studies in our resources library.