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Digital transaction and document administration have been proven to reduce license agreement turnaround times by up to 80%

Member experience is a top priority for operators of shared workspaces. Thanks to the abundance of flexible workspaces in the office market, your members have plenty of options to choose from. If you’re courting a prospect, and have shown them your space, built and sent your proposal, why not make license agreements effortless with eSign delivery? All transactions are legally binding, data is encrypted and stored securely, with a full audit trail available.

Improving Workflow Efficiency

Because technology moves so fast nowadays, even the processes of the 21st century are outdated. The manual and time-consuming process of executing a signed agreement has changed. Until recently, that involved creating a license, saving a PDF, sending it via email, awaiting the signed file, chasing for confirmation, filing it against the customer account and figuring audit trail processes. On the prospect’s end, this meant time spent waiting to receive the agreement, downloading the PDF, saving, printing, signing, scanning, and sending it back to you to close the deal.

From generating demand, getting a prospect through the door for a tour, and convincing them your space is superior, signing a new customer has plenty of obstacles. Once you’ve got the prospect ready to sign, why take chances of losing them along this lengthy and antiquated process? Just as the market evolves, so do the practices that make it go ‘round. Electronic signature technology enables your business to close deals faster and facilitates the system for your prospects. With everyone on the go in our increasingly mobile society, digital administration of transactions makes it effortless for both parties to execute contracts from anywhere at any time. It’s a quicker way to send, sign and store licenses and agreements, seamlessly and automatically.

Save Resources and Ensure Consistency

The time and effort it takes for you, your sales reps or center manager to generate a license and send it to a prospect are better spent preparing the space for them to move in, introducing them to your member community or focusing on delivering a great experience. Studies show that organizations using eSignature solutions reduced turnaround times by up to 80% compared to traditional methods, enabling you to focus on the bigger picture – your customers.

eSignature solutions also make it easy for you to standardize your license agreements and ensure consistency by setting up templates for your team to use. You can choose which team members can send out licenses, what the counter-sign rules are, whilst ensuring you have a full audit trail of the process.

Seamless Integration

eSignature functionality can be integrated into your workspace management platform for simple proposal delivery to contacts already stored within your CRM database. Saving license agreements against your customer’s accounts can be done with an easy click of the mouse, giving you easy access to and centralized storage of the most important files related to your customer base. The best thing about esign is that it is you remove the mess of paper management. Opting for digital agreements and transactions can increase conversions while reducing costs, human error, paperwork and time to revenue.

To learn more about the latest eSign solution available in essensys Operate and how to maximize your team’s efficiency with electronic signature contact us today.

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