Common Wi-Fi Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

Common Wi-Fi pitfalls and how to avoid them Photo

David Kinnaird, essensys North American Managing Director, longtime serviced office veteran and IT expert, was recently interviewed by All Work about Workspace Wi-Fi. With security breaches and malware ransom attacks in the recent months, knowing the pitfalls and how to avoid them is a critical component of delivering quality service to your customers.

Here are the key takeaways from David’s interview.


Avoid common shared passwords to your Wi-Fi network

Common, shared passwords are very susceptible to unauthorized use, making it easy for malicious users to steal data from your clients.


Standard Wi-Fi Security Won’t Cut it

Shared credentials may be convenient but they’re insecure. Operators must consider enterprise level security in which each user has a unique username and password to access the network.


Prohibit unauthorized Access Points 

Don’t allow your tenants to install their own access points. This leads to heavy interference and often results in unusable Wi-Fi.


Wire-Up Your Workspace

From day one, fit out your space with cabled Internet connectivity at each workstation, alleviating the strain on the Wi-Fi network and ensuring better connectivity speeds for everyone.


Segment Your Network

To prevent one user from hogging all of the bandwidth and causing frustrating slowdowns for everyone else in your space, segment your network.


Create a Separate Network for Guests and Visitors

Setup sign-in only access to your guest network. In this way, you capture user details for security purposes to know who is roaming your network and to market to potential customers.


Read the Full Interview Here and also click here for an entire feature on everything workspace operators need to know about Wi-Fi to provide a quality service and an exceptional member experience.

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