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Security: Everything Coworking Operators Need to Know

Tech Security

We all know that coworking no longer refers to an open plan workspace. In the same way that an open plan is no longer the obvious layout, the days of open Wi-Fi networks and one size fits all bandwidth are no longer the smart choice. As the market grows and coworking becomes the new office…

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How a Denver Property Group is Delivering Enterprise-grade Coworking

Operator Highlight | Enterprise Coworking

Operator Highlight: Enterprise Coworking Focus Property Group, a Denver real estate company, launched Enterprise Coworking in 2015. They currently operate over 80,000 square feet of flexible office space across two locations, with a third on the horizon. As owners and operators of commercial real estate assets, exploring the coworking sector in Denver was a no-brainer.…

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A CTO’s Perspective on the Best Technology for Coworking and Flex-Space Operators

The best coworking technology, a CTO perspective

In today’s coworking market, not only workspace operators but landlords and property developers too are developing propositions for enterprise-level tenants. These occupiers are not only seeking community, collaboration, and attractive amenities, but they have strict IT and security requirements. With the rise of corporate uptake of flexible workspace, it’s important for landlords to know the stringent…

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Wi-Fi Security for Coworking Spaces

Wi-Fi Security for Coworking Spaces

In over 12 years of experience working with operators and running workspaces, we’ve found that most flexible workspace operators settle for a simple wireless setup and later regret it. There are many associated disadvantages with an open wireless network easily accessed with a common password that applies to everyone and is rarely changed. This simplistic…

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6 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade your Workspace Technology

The flexible workspace market has grown, and the competition has heated up. That means that if your workspace can’t meet the essential needs of your members, then they’re sure to go somewhere that does. In fact, according to Deskmag, one of the primary reasons people leave their coworking space is due to poor internet connectivity.…

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Apple iOS 9 Wi-Fi Calling and What It Means for Your Coworking Space

WiFi Calling and what it means for your workspace

Apple’s new iOS9 Wi-Fi calling feature allows  iPhone users to make a call using the Wi-Fi network they’re connected to, rather than their cellular network. While carriers and phones supporting this service may vary, the implications that Wi-Fi calling will have on wireless networks will be significant. With Apple’s new feature release of Wi-Fi calling,…

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Shared Workspace Wi-Fi: Turning Usage Data into Business Insight

Wi-Fi services have become a standard necessity. They are a critical, core part of any shared workspace experience. Terms such as ultra-fast and lighting-speed are often over-used on websites and marketing collateral (and then under-delivered!). But the reality is that your members and guests will put your workspace Wi-Fi to the test the moment they…

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Common Wi-Fi Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

Common Wi-Fi pitfalls and how to avoid them Photo

David Kinnaird, essensys North American Managing Director, longtime serviced office veteran and IT expert, was recently interviewed by All Work about Workspace Wi-Fi. With security breaches and malware ransom attacks in the recent months, knowing the pitfalls and how to avoid them is a critical component of delivering quality service to your customers. Here are…

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4 Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Your Shared Workspace

4 Simples Ways to Improve Your Workspace

essensys works with over a thousand shared workspace locations in 27 different countries globally. We’re kind of lucky, and it gives us a tremendous amount of insight into different markets and operating models. Whether Serviced Offices or Coworking Spaces, we see some of the common challenges that arise whether they be people, process or technology…

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