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Your Flexible Workspace Business – Driven by Data

While more operators enter the market and competition heats up, what does this mean for existing operators and seasoned players? They must compete harder than ever before and keep a sharp eye on core business metrics that determine their success. The coworking industry is experiencing a growth of national and international brands expanding to their…

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Improve Workspace Efficiency with Vistor Management

With the flexible workspace industry in high growth mode, ensuring your workspace is optimally efficient can make all the difference when it comes to both attracting and retaining tenants. Adopting state-of-the-art workspace technology, such as a visitor management system, can increase operational efficiency, as well as offer a seamless experience for members. A visitor management…

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Why Virtual Office Services are Essential in Coworking

Why Virtual Offices are Essential in Coworking

As the landscape for virtual offices and meeting space becomes more competitive, workspace operators have a unique opportunity to generate additional business by introducing a virtual office product as part of their workspace offerings. According to Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, virtual office and meeting space income now comprise almost 20 percent of flexible workspace industry…

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How Bruntwood Chose essensys To Introduce A New Wave of Workspace

As part of a project to offer new ways of working to its customers, Bruntwood chose to implement Connect software by essensys to power two of its latest workspaces Neo and Platform. With an extensive portfolio of office and retail space across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham, Bruntwood wanted to work with essensys to introduce…

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The Top 10 Reports to Track and Project Flexible Workspace Growth


In today’s workspace industry competition is on the rise. Big name players are moving into markets at lightning speed. Corporate uptake is hot and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. What this means for workspace operators is that the opportunity for expansion is limitless. However, to keep on track for flexible workspace growth, you must…

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The 3 Facets to Shared Workspace Revenue Management

To keep your workspace financially sound and to ensure growth, it’s vital to manage your workspace revenue effectively and consistently. The flexible and dynamic nature of products, memberships, and services of a shared workspace often lead to complex billing and invoicing. Even cash collection and growth projection become difficult without the right financial management in…

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Shared Workspace Payment Processing: Cost Savings and Compliance

“Carr Workplaces has saved tens of thousands per center with Place this year alone. The integration with the essensys platform means simplified payment management and a seamless online purchasing experience for customers.”- Ashley Buckner, SVP, Sales & Operations, Carr Workplaces Join our Webinar on Thursday May 10th to find out more about this technology solution for…

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Memberships and Services for a Growing Workspace Brand

The coworking market continues to grow and members are valuing the workspaces available to them based on how well they fit their needs. There are some key strategies for optimizing your coworking memberships and products to cater for a wide variety of members whilst ensuring financial growth for your workspace.   Virtual Offices Virtual Offices…

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Workspace Finances: Three Pillars to Commercial Stability in the Coworking Market

Whether you’re launching, managing or expanding your shared workspace operation, there are three essential factors to strive for when it comes to securing stability of your workspace finances. In a market sensitive to economic shifts and consumer demands, serviced office and commercial real estate stakeholders must focus on: efficiency, scalability, and control within their organizations.…

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Top 5 Shared Workspace Operator Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Top 5 Operator Challenges

Running a serviced office, shared workspace or coworking space has many moving pieces and challenges. Between operational systems, business strategies and dealing with a variety of personalities, the struggle can be very real. Over the past sixteen years, we’ve spent a lot of time with operators of shared workspaces, serviced offices and coworking spaces. We’ve…

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