Flexible Workspace

Advice from a Workspace Real Estate Strategist

We spoke with Giovanni Palavicini, longtime flexible workspace real estate strategist and owner of Fronteras Commercial Real Estate, about his take on the convergence between commercial real estate and the flex space market. Read on to get the expert insight. To hear more insight from Giovanni and other industry experts, read the recap of Flexible Workspace meets…

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Flexible Workspace Meets Commercial Real Estate

According to JLL, the US office market is comprised of 4 billion square feet of space and less than 1% represents the coworking industry. Last year, they predicted that by 2030, 30% of all office space will be consumed as flexible space. Growth in this sector has been proliferated thanks to independent operators as well…

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WORKTECH New York and the Future of Flexible Real Estate

Last week, WORKTECH New York brought together a mix of workspace innovators, providers, and suppliers. The speakers and synergies in the room reflected the real shift of the commercial real estate market towards the future of work. With keynotes from the leaders of Microsoft, Ogilvy, and UNWIRED, attendees were forced to think about what’s next…

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Key Stats from Instant Offices 2018 U.S. Workspace Market Report

If you haven’t had a chance to read the latest U.S. flexible workspace market review from our friends at Instant Offices, don’t fret. We’ve highlighted the key stats on today’s workspace market that you should know and our interpretation of the data. View our latest blog post: 2019 coworking market forecast      Read on for…

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Key Takeaways from Instant Offices 2018 US Market Review

The flexible workspace market is growing and changing. Instant Offices has just released the 2018 flexible workspace review. Here are the key highlights from their report. 1. Increased Supply and Secondary Markets = Stagnant or lower desk rates The US is a big market with a diversity of cities. Each region has developed at a…

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The Top 10 Reports to Track and Project Flexible Workspace Growth


In today’s workspace industry competition is on the rise. Big name players are moving into markets at lightning speed. Corporate uptake is hot and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. What this means for workspace operators is that the opportunity for expansion is limitless. However, to keep on track for flexible workspace growth, you must…

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Memberships and Services for a Growing Workspace Brand

The coworking market continues to grow and members are valuing the workspaces available to them based on how well they fit their needs. There are some key strategies for optimizing your coworking memberships and products to cater for a wide variety of members whilst ensuring financial growth for your workspace.   Virtual Offices Virtual Offices…

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Workspace Finances: Three Pillars to Commercial Stability in the Coworking Market

Whether you’re launching, managing or expanding your shared workspace operation, there are three essential factors to strive for when it comes to securing stability of your workspace finances. In a market sensitive to economic shifts and consumer demands, serviced office and commercial real estate stakeholders must focus on: efficiency, scalability, and control within their organizations.…

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5 Ways to Be Profitable and Grow Your Shared Workspace

5 Wayt to be Profitable & Grow Your Workspace

If you’re operating across numerous locations or have an expansion on the cards, maintaining strong financial growth across your flexible workspace portfolio will always be a key focus. However, there are some easily avoidable mistakes which can have a significant impact on your finances that happen all too often. To make sure you’re avoiding these…

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2017: Setting the Stage for the Tomorrow’s Workspace Market

Workspace Market Recap

With 2017 coming to a close, let’s look back at the most important stories that defined the Coworking and workspace market. But first, we must recall that back in 2016 Coworking was still finding its place within the office sector. It was referred to in abundance as a “revolution,” a trendy yet not always profitable…

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