How essensys is helping foster innovation at the UK’s largest life science incubation hub

By Tom Welby
18.02.19 ·

Operator Highlight Preview: BioCity Case Study

Below is a preview of the full BioCity case study, ensure you read the full version available here to discover how Connect software by essensys is underpinning BioCity’s offering and enabling them to grow and scale with peace of mind.

Eclectic mix of innovation and flex space

Established in 2002, BioCity was one of the first (and now the largest) Bioscience incubators offering state-of-the-art laboratories alongside commercial office space to support both early stage and established companies in the life sciences sector.

Adapting for innovation

With the sector becoming increasingly competitive and science park members able to choose from a wealth of locations, the industry is adapting to ensure that operators are able to offer a wide range of needs for a diverse set of occupiers. Mission-critical software that underpins a dynamic flex-space, innovation hub or science park operation ensures that providers can offer an environment where startups and large business alike are empowered to drive innovation.

BioCity Case Study

Streamlined onboarding and automation

Offering a combination of flexible workspace services and dedicated working and laboratory spaces, BioCity needed to safeguard against the difficulties of onboarding new customers and provisioning services. Since implementing the Connect platform, BioCity has been able to spend less time running in and out of and maintaining their comms rooms. With Connect, setting up new customers and delivering services can be done with a few clicks of a mouse, allowing them to dedicate more time fostering customer relationships and growing their business.

The essensys Marketplace: Fostering innovation

Having seen the benefits of Connect’s on-demand marketplace at their Nottingham sites, BioCity were keen to deliver the same level of flexibility and services to the Glasgow campus and its members. With expectations becoming increasingly demanding, the Connect marketplace allowed BioCity to deliver the services their members require all from a single platform on-demand and in real time. With members requiring a large number of internet ports and phones, Connect is able to deliver these services seamlessly through automation.

Read the full case study

You can download the full case study here for the full rundown on how BioCity is leveraging essensys technology to grow and scale their operation efficiently, securely and with confidence.