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Spoiled for Choice: 2019 US Flex-space Market Report

By Amanda Fanoun | November 14, 2019

As the industry gains widespread media attention and becomes the new norm for office space demand, the US flexible workspace market is now the largest in the world. Instant Offices has just released their annual 2019 US Market Report. Here are key takeaways from their annual report. Diversification Growth in the US flex-space market has…

Member Experience Market Survey Blog

US Flex-Space Market Survey: Member Experience and Tech

By Amanda Fanoun | November 13, 2019

In a maturing market that is increasingly mainstream, flex-space tenants are calling the shots. Member experience is more than a buzz term to keep owners and operators on their toes. From an operational perspective, it encompasses everything from range and quality of services to amenities and ease of service delivery. Which amenities are making members…


Tech Considerations for Landlords Entering the Flex-Space Market

By Amanda Fanoun | October 31, 2019

Flex is the new norm for office space. The market has grown consistently over the years and thus far shows no signs of slowing down. Commercial real estate stakeholders and landlords are inching their way into the market, be it with their own proposition or by partnering with an established operator. Regardless of their avenue,…

Top Priorities for Flexible Workspace Operations

By Amanda Fanoun | October 28, 2019

We’re bringing you expert insight into the top priorities for a successful flexible workspace operation. Join essensys and GCUC for an upcoming webinar with market leaders to discuss the primary considerations in today’s flex-space operation. Agility? Flexibility? Scalability? Need them all but not sure where to start? Our panel of industry leaders will address these…

The Top Tactical and Strategic Considerations for Flex-Space Security

By Amanda Fanoun | October 21, 2019

IT and tech security are critical in a flex-space operation. But it’s seldom addressed. More times than not, it’s an afterthought. The problem with being reactive instead of proactive about IT and network security in a flexible workspace is that once a breach occurs, it’s not an easy fix. The complexity of a multi-tenanted environment…


The GWA: A Recap of the Annual Flexible Office Market Event

By Amanda Fanoun | October 4, 2019

We’re proud partners of the Global Workspace Association. Check out the recap of the industry’s largest flexible office event that took place this September just outside of Washington, DC.

Webinar Series Recap: How to Improve Workspace Efficiency

By Lucy Allen | October 3, 2019

The flexible workspace industry has become very diversified and competitive. Providers include not only traditional business and coworking centres but now traditional real estate developers and landlords are also entering the space. So how can independent flexible workspace operators compete effectively but also efficiently? We hosted a webinar series on this exact topic. Efficiency is…

Deep Dive in Cyber and Physical Security

Deep Dive in Cyber and Physical Security

By Amanda Fanoun | September 30, 2019

Physical and cyber security are important topics that are seldom addressed in the flex-space market. Jamie Russo, the Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association and the host of the Everything Coworking podcast, spoke with James Shannon (Our CPO) about network infrastructure security. James offers up tactical advice on cyber and physical security measures that…

Tech Security

Security: Everything Coworking Operators Need to Know

By Amanda Fanoun | September 25, 2019

We all know that coworking no longer refers to an open plan workspace. In the same way that an open plan is no longer the obvious layout, the days of open Wi-Fi networks and one size fits all bandwidth are no longer the smart choice. As the market grows and coworking becomes the new office…

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