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Progressive space providers look back on 2019

By Amanda Fanoun | January 16, 2020

The flex-space market grew by 9.2% globally in 2019. It was a year of spotlight attention on the coworking end of the flex market, and again one where we welcomed several new space providers to the scene. As sector specialists, we’re happy to share insights and advice for flex space providers on our blog. We…

Managing your workspace: What are your options

Managing Your Workspace: DIY vs. Outsourcing vs. Enterprise-grade Platform

By Lucy Allen | January 10, 2020

Historically, the lack of management tools that facilitate tasks, meeting room bookings, CRM, billing, invoicing, and IT service provisioning caused flexible workspace operators to find solutions on their own. In some cases, meaning they built their own technology or outsourced to multiple vendors. Many larger operators have developed software tools in-house or worse, continue to…

flex-space Market forecast 2020

A Look at 2020: The Anatomy of a Flex-Space Operation

By Amanda Fanoun | January 5, 2020

We are excited to see all the media coverage and new market players, corporate companies and landlords moving into the flex space market. Our technology perspective allows us a unique lens on market dynamics, and it feels like flex is really going mainstream and fast becoming a demand default in the market. Join us as…

Benefits of Going Mobile at Your Flexible Workspace

By Lucy Allen | December 12, 2019

In flex-space working environments, it’s critical that operators provide their tenants with technology that helps them remain productive while away from their desks. Not only are tenants reliant on their mobile devices to get work done, they are depending more and more on their smartphones to help them stay connected and be productive in the…

Let’s Talk Gigabit

By Tom Welby | December 11, 2019

Empower your ambition and deliver the enterprise-grade technology that your tenants require through essensys and the Gigabit Voucher Scheme. Available in the UK.

Member Experience Market Survey Blog

US Flex-Space Market Survey: Member Experience and Tech

By Amanda Fanoun | November 18, 2019

In a maturing market that is increasingly mainstream, flex-space tenants are calling the shots. Member experience is more than a buzz term to keep owners and operators on their toes. From an operational perspective, it encompasses everything from range and quality of services to amenities and ease of service delivery. Which amenities are making members…

Expert Insight: Top Priorities in a Flexible Workspace Recap

By Amanda Fanoun | November 16, 2019

We rounded-up industry leaders to discover how they’re prioritizing key components of a flexible workspace operation. Highlighted below are some of the key levers that can help your business accelerate growth and compete better in a fast-growth market.

Spoiled for Choice: 2019 US Flex-space Market Report

By Amanda Fanoun | November 14, 2019

As the industry gains widespread media attention and becomes the new norm for office space demand, the US flexible workspace market is now the largest in the world. Instant Offices has just released their annual 2019 US Market Report. Here are key takeaways from their annual report. Diversification Growth in the US flex-space market has…


Tech Considerations for Landlords Entering the Flex-Space Market

By Amanda Fanoun | October 31, 2019

Flex is the new norm for office space. The market has grown consistently over the years and thus far shows no signs of slowing down. Commercial real estate stakeholders and landlords are inching their way into the market, be it with their own proposition or by partnering with an established operator. Regardless of their avenue,…

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