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Coworking Wi-Fi: Why an Open Network Won’t Cut

By Amanda Fanoun | July 18, 2017

There are varying degrees of wireless requirements depending on the type of space you run. But your top priority should be to keep your network secure – for your business and your customers’. In this chapter of our multi-part series on wireless for Coworking and shared workspaces, we’re picking apart the standard, run-of-the-mill open Wi-Fi network…

Coworking and Commercial Real Estate

Coworking: A Shifting Market Brings the New Norm

By Amanda Fanoun | July 14, 2017

The growth in the shared workspace market over the past two years has been significant. More recently there’s a new type of activity that demonstrates where Coworking currently falls in its lifecycle as a product and service. From the nearly-official adoption of the term Coworking to encompass all shared workspace to the recent announcements of…


Coworking Wi-Fi: How to Beat Common Blunders

By Amanda Fanoun | July 11, 2017

To provide the best Coworking Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity for workspace members, operators must optimize signal strength and bolster high-performance Wi-Fi. In our 16+ years of experience, we’ve found some common pitfalls can affect the dynamic and technical pieces that make a wireless network function optimally. Poor Planning Whether you’re a longtime workspace operator or…


Wi-Fi 101 for Coworking and Shared Workspaces

By Amanda Fanoun | July 5, 2017

In a Coworking, flexible, or shared office space, Wi-Fi is an essential service – if not the most essential service. Your customers depend on reliable Internet to conduct their business. Coworking and shared workspace Wi-Fi is a key factor in providing mobile and transient workers with a convenient alternative to the often-cumbersome wired connection. Wi-Fi…

Common Wi-Fi pitfalls and how to avoid them Photo

Common Wi-Fi Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

By Amanda Fanoun | June 23, 2017

David Kinnaird, essensys North American Managing Director, longtime serviced office veteran and IT expert, was recently interviewed by All Work about Workspace Wi-Fi. With security breaches and malware ransom attacks in the recent months, knowing the pitfalls and how to avoid them is a critical component of delivering quality service to your customers. Here are…

The Workspace Industry Financial Survey Photo

The Workspace Industry Financial Survey: The Results are In

By Amanda Fanoun | June 22, 2017

This spring the Global Workspace Association conducted its annual Industry Financial Survey, and the results are in. They are both consistent with the market trend towards growth and debunk myths that have been circulating about the industry. Here are the findings that stand out.   But First, The Demographics Industry respondents varied across the following…

WANY Educational Conference 2017 Photo 2

WANY: 2017 Coworking & Business Center Educational Conference

By Amanda Fanoun | June 20, 2017

Earlier this month the Workspace Association of New York brought together its members from the greater NYC metro area and across the United States for its 12th annual Day Conference. WANY President Ray Lindenberg put together a great group of industry expert speakers to highlight the important changes happening in today’s workspace market. From Commercial…

Market Trends Demand Operators Photo

Operators Must Differentiate to Meet Market Demands

By Amanda Fanoun | May 22, 2017

The general shift in workplace trends, technology advancements, and employer mindsets are driving a unique distribution of remote workers and freelancers in the workforce. With increasing adoption of flexible work options and changing approaches to corporate work styles, the result has been an increase in opportunities to provide flexible office space. While market growth and…

Growing Demand for your Shared Workspace Photo

A Quick Guide to Growing Demand for your Shared Workspace

By Amanda Fanoun | May 19, 2017

Whether you run a Coworking space or traditional business center, at the crux of the shared workspace industry, is supplying flexible office services to a continually expanding and increasingly dynamic workforce. Often, however, resources are tight and budgets are small – forcing workspace operators to focus solely on the required operational tasks. This causes other…

Coworking Bite out of the Big Apple Photo

A Big GCUC Coworking Bite out of the Big Apple

By Amanda Fanoun | May 17, 2017

GCUC 2017 in NYC raised the bar for industry conferences. From Convene, the impressive venue, to the refreshing content and panels from industry experts. It’ll be interesting to see how the organizers at GCUC will outdo themselves next year. But we won’t get ahead of ourselves… The show kicked off with a keynote from Greg…