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Coworking Business Basics

Opening a Coworking Space 101: Coworking Business Basics

By Amanda Fanoun | November 17, 2017

Running a shared workspace requires tact and focus on hospitality and services in addition to knowledge about real estate. Regardless of the essence of your workspace, there are Coworking business basics – the same that apply to any large or small business – that will keep you running. The important thing is to mold each…


The Office Evolution – Shared Office & CRE Stars Align

By Amanda Fanoun | November 14, 2017

Last week Brooklyn, New York was host to the first-ever joint Global Workspace Association and NAIOP Office Evolution conference. Seasoned and new operators, commercial real estate asset owners and investors collided for an event that brought a sea of opportunity to all sectors of the office industry. It also brought a wealth of content, data,…

Workspace Technology

Opening a Coworking Space 101: Workspace Technology

By David Kinnaird | November 10, 2017

Don’t skimp on technology. Internet infrastructure is the most essential service you will provide in your Coworking space. Your members rely on your workspace technology to run their businesses and yours won’t tick properly without it. Starting a shared workspace will require capital outlay at the beginning in some areas that you can skirt around,…

RentShare Payment Processing for Shared Workspace

Shared Workspace Payment Processing: Cost Savings and Compliance

By Amanda Fanoun | November 8, 2017

“Carr Workplaces has saved tens of thousands per center with RentShare this year alone. The integration with the essensys platform means simplified payment management and a seamless online purchasing experience for customers.”- Ashley Buckner, SVP, Sales & Operations, Carr Workplaces The shared workspace – or Coworking, serviced office, or flexible workspace – industry has gone from…

CRE for Coworking

Opening a Coworking Space 101: Real Estate

By Jamie Russo | October 31, 2017

Without a doubt, real estate is your primary asset when starting a Coworking space. It’s the most expensive and essential service you offer to your members. Most coworking space owners have never searched for or signed a lease for commercial real estate so below we layout the various approaches to getting your hands on a…

Coworking Financing, Budget and Investment

Opening a Coworking Space: Financing, Budget & Investment

By Alan Pepper | October 26, 2017

Once you get a good grip on the market and make your connections,  you’ll need to start thinking about financing your Coworking space. Like any other business, there’ll be an initial CapEx spend and a recurring operating spend. Based on your finances, decide how you will fund your project and prepare a budget. If financing…

WiFi Calling and what it means for your workspace

Apple iOS 9 Wi-Fi Calling and What It Means for Your Coworking Space

By Amanda Fanoun | October 23, 2017

Apple’s new iOS9 Wi-Fi calling feature allows  iPhone users to make a call using the Wi-Fi network they’re connected to, rather than their cellular network. While carriers and phones supporting this service may vary, the implications that Wi-Fi calling will have on wireless networks will be significant. With Apple’s new feature release of Wi-Fi calling,…

Office Evolution & GWA Conference

The Office Evolution: Where Shared Workspace and CRE Unite

By Amanda Fanoun | October 22, 2017

The GWA is now the Office Evolution Conference. A few weeks back we explained the top reasons not to miss the 2017 Global Workspace Association’s annual workspace industry conference to be held in Miami in mid-September. We braced in astonishment as Hurricane Irma pummeled its way through the Caribbean Islands and took a full-speed approach…

6 Ways to help members & prospects love your workspace more than your competition

Six Ways to Help Members (and Prospects!) Love Your Coworking Space More than your Competitors

By Amanda Fanoun | October 21, 2017

In the growing Coworking market, operators are finding increased competition and new spaces popping up left and right. Increased market competition is motivation to distinguish your brand and services from the crowd. In a stagnant market, a status quo approach to running your Coworking space may suffice. But we all know that the Coworking market…

The year of the flexible workspace

The Year of Flexible Workspace: A Review of The Instant Group Report

By Amanda Fanoun | October 20, 2017

Instant published a new report at the end of last month about the 2017 Flexible Workspace Industry. Based in the UK, with a global presence, Instant is a leader in finding, creating and managing workspaces in office markets. This report draws on insight from leading workspace operators and hints to existing and growing trends that…