Designing for the future

Staying successful means staying ahead of the competition.

Our research and development team are always investigating how we make you more profitable, more efficient and more scalable, and deliver the best experiences for your customers.

Bringing innovation to your business

With more than half of our resources focused on research and development, we’re always looking at new ways to bring you rich insights, improve efficiency and enhance your customers’ experience.

Our essensys Labs team is dedicated to uncovering new possibilities brought about by innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), sensors, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), and bring them to fruition for your team.

Developing hardware products that complement our software platform.

Prototype hardware and firmware to evaluate use cases and user experience.

Platform innovation at the network edge, using IoT protocols in firmware.

Develop disruptive commercial models through in-house hardware design and integration.

Current projects

Occupancy monitoring

Get the most accurate picture of how your spaces are being used and occupancy levels, so you can change configurations and capitalise on opportunities.

Environmental monitoring

Stay on top of environmental factors like CO2, temperature, or humidity to ensure your environment is comfortable and compliant.

Smart print

Allow secure printing of sensitive documents by a tap of a user’s smartphone.